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Sep 12-14, 2016 The University of Tokyo

[Invited Poster Presentation]
Approach to Networked Open Social Scholarship
Ray Siemens (University of Victoria) and the INKE Research Group

As elements of our digital scholarly ecosystem continue to expand and evolve, there is an increasing necessity to serve both expert and public need for open access to information. The ubiquity of mobile technologies, the development of augmented reality, virtual reality, and location-based technologies, the challenge and influence of big data and, increasingly important, broad public participation in the production and use of digital knowledge repositories ― these exemplify areas of challenge that present opportunities for those working in the area, toward leveraging these technologies and creating shared and integrated digital environments that will engage and benefit everyone, expert and general public alike. In this context, this poster presentation explores the next steps of the Implementing New Knowledge Environments Partnership for Networked Open Social Scholarship (INKE; inke.ca), itself united by the goal to explore, research, and build environments for open social scholarship in Canada and beyond, enhancing national and international research, digital infrastructure, and dispersed resources to develop innovative publishing and communication environments that connect those who share need for access to the information produced by our academic communities."