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Sep 12-14, 2016 The University of Tokyo


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Published by the Historiographical Institute, The University of Tokyo
3-1, Hongo 3, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo, Japan
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September 13, Day 1

Session 1: Texts and Database (Long papers)

(S1-2)Migration, Mobility and Connection: Towards a Sustainable Model for the Preservation of Immigrant Cultural Heritage
Paul Arthur, Jason Ensor (Western Sydney University), Marijke van Faassen, Rik Hoekstra, Marjolein 't Hart (Huygens ING), Nonja Peters (Curtin University)

Session 2: History and Digital (Long papers)

(S2-1)Enhancing ISO Standards of temporal attributes in information systems for historical or archaeological objects
Yoshiaki Murao (Nara University), Yoichi Seino, Susumu Morimoto (Nara National Research Institute for Cultural Properties), Yu Fujimoto (Nara University)

(S2-2)The Echo of Print: Outing Shakespeare’s Source Code at St Paul’s
Thomas W Dabbs (Aoyama Gakuin University)

Session 3: Analyzing Cultural Resources (Short papers)

(S3-1)Comparing Topic Model Stability across Language and Size
Simon Hengchen (Université libre de Bruxelles), Alexander O'Connor (ADAPT Centre School of Computing, Dublin City University), Gary Munnelly (ADAPT Centre, Trinity College Dublin), Jennifer Edmond (Long Room Hub, Trinity College Dublin)

Poster slam & poster session

(P-0)[Invited Poster Presentation]
Approach to Networked Open Social Scholarship
Ray Siemens (University of Victoria) and the INKE Research Group

(P-1) Verifying the Authorship of Saikaku Ihara’s Kousyoku Gonin Onna
Ayaka Uesaka (Organization for Research Initiatives, Doshisha University)

(P-2) Quantitative Analysis for Division of Viola Parts of Mozart’s symphonies
Michiru Hirano (Tokyo Institute of Technology)

(P-4) Digitally Archiving Okinawan Kaida Characters
Mark Rosa (Ph. D., University of Tokyo, 2016)

(P-5) Attributes of Agent Dictionary for Speaker Identification in Story Texts
Hajime Murai (Tokyo Institute of Technology)

(P-6) Trends in Centuries of Words: Progress on the HathiTrust+Bookworm Project
Peter Organisciak, J. Stephen Downie (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign)

(P-7) Development of the Dictionary of Poetic Japanese Description
Hilofumi Yamamoto (Tokyo Institute of Technology), Bor Hodošček (Osaka University)

(P-8) High-throughput Collation Workflow for the Digital Critique of Old Japanese Books Using Computer Vision Techniques
Asanobu Kitamoto (National Institute of Informatics), Kazuaki Yamamoto (National Institute of Japanese Literature)

(P-11) Linking Scholars and Semantics: Developing Scholar-Supportive Data Structures for Digital Dūnhuáng
Jacob Jett, J. Stephen Downie (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign), Xiaoguang Wang (Wuhan University), Jian Wu, Tianxiu Yu (Dunhuang Research Digital Center), Shenping Xia (Dunhuang Research Academy)

(P-12) A Web Based Service to Retrieve Handwritten Character Pattern Images on Japanese Historical Documents
Akihito Kitadai (J. F. Oberlin University), Yuichi Takata, Miyuki Inoue, Guohua Fang, Hajime Baba, Akihiro Watanabe (Nara National Research Institute for Cultural Properties), Satoshi Inoue (University of Tokyo)

(P-13) Image recognition and statistical analysis of the Gutenberg’s 42-line Bible types
Mari Agata (Keio University), Teru Agata (Asia University)

(P-14) Comparisons of Different Configurations for Image Colorization of Cultural Images Using a Pre-trained Convolutional Neural Network
Tung Nguyen, Ruck Thawonmas, Keiko Suzuki, Masaaki Kidachi (Ritsumeikan University)

September 14, Day 2

Session 4: Textual Analysis (Long papers)

Session 5: Modeling and Digitization (Short papers)

(S5-2)Modeling New TEI/XML Attributes for the Semantic Markup of Historical Transactions, based on ‘Transactionography’
Naoki Kokaze (University of Tokyo), Kiyonori Nagasaki (International Institute for Digital Humanities), Masahiro Shimoda, A. Charles Muller (University of Tokyo)

(S5-3)HYU:MA -­ A Model for Library-­Supported Projects in Japanese Digital History
Peter Broadwell, Tomoko Bialock (University of California, Los Angeles)

(S5-4)go rich :: go minimal
Federico Caria (Cologne University)