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Sep 12-14, 2016 The University of Tokyo

Japanese Association for Digital Humanities Conference 2016

JADH2016: “Digital Scholarship in History and the Humanities”

The Japanese Association for Digital Humanities is holding its sixth annual conference at The University of Tokyo, Japan, September 12-14, 2016.


Aug 16, 2016: Instractions(for presentators) available.

Aug 4, 2016: Abstracts(HTML version) available.

Jul 26, 2016: Update Programme page.

Jul 25, 2016: Update Workshop page.

Jun 27, 2016: Programme page available.

Jun 24, 2016: Registration page and Registration site available.

Mar 22, 2016: JADH2016 Conference site opened.

Hosted by:

JADH2016 Organizing Committee [Members]
under the auspices of the Japanese Association for Digital Humanities [Home]

Co-hosted by:

Historiographical Institute(HI), The University of Tokyo(UTokyo) [Home]
Graduate School of Humanities and Sociology / Faculty of Letters, UTokyo [Home]
National Museum of Japanese History [Home]

Supported by:


Co-sponsored by:

IPSJ SIG Computers and the Humanities [Home]
Japan Art Documentation Society (JADS) [Home]
Japan Association for East Asian Text Processing (JAET) [Home]
Japan Association for English Corpus Studies [Home]
The Mathematical Linguistic Society of Japan [Home]
Japan Society of Information and Knowledge [Home]
Alliance of Digital Humanities Organizations (ADHO)